Sudoku Of The Day – Playable Beta

Welcome to the Sudoku Of The Day playable beta!  This game is a basic version of what you would see in our Sudoku Of The Day App for Smartphone and Tablets, which also features intelligent hints and more.

How To Play

Click anywhere within the Sudoku box to start the game and see the puzzle!

Move the mouse to see the guidelines, which can help you to look for rows, columns and boxes.

Click to select a box that you want to edit; then type the value (1-9) you want to put in that box. Correct numbers are fixed in place in blue, incorrect numbers are highlighted in red for you to change.

You can use the boxes underneath to enter the values, and the boxes at the very bottom to toggle pencil marks on or off for that cell.

You can choose to fill or remove all of the pencil marks. The game will automatically remove marks for values you have entered as you go along. The game starts with pencil marks on by default.

Please let us know your experience playing this game by leaving a comment below! Your comments and feedback will shape how the game develops!

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  1. Ian Hogg
    Ian Hogg says:

    I have been without a computer for a month, it is the first time I have seen this playable beta option, I think it is great.
    There was a mistake with today’s (25/8/14) tricky puzzle, column 6 row 4 showed a pencil 3 to the right of an original 3. When I clicked the square there was no 3 on the lower row. Trust that is helpful.

    I am an OAP and the only mistakes I made were misreading pencil marks. I think you could increase the image size slightly and still get all of it on the screen.
    More importantly, on the difficult puzzles I am very likely to leave the computer periodically and I would like you to add a pause/restart button for the time display so that it will give an accurate reading of thinking time. 🙂

    • Howard
      Howard says:

      Thanks for the feedback! We’ve had a few people playing, and so a few issues have been spotted so far. I’m hoping to get back to it a bit later with some other tweaks to make it a bit easier to use!

  2. Maureen
    Maureen says:

    The calibration seems off. It I click towards the right side of the number I want to populate in a square, sometimes the number to the right gets populated. So if I click to enter a 2, I may end up populating a 1. This isn’t a big issue, except it updates all the other squares in the row or column to remove 1 as a possible answer. When I correct the square to put a 2 in, all other squares still have the 1 removed from pencilmarks which now is incorrect info.

  3. crunchy
    crunchy says:

    Hi, just to let you know that almost every time I entered the answer in a square with only one candidate, the display jumped down to this leave a comment area, and I have to scroll back up to the puzzle. Bit tedious. Also the volume of the enter sound is way to high. thanks

    • Howard
      Howard says:

      I did think about putting in a sound volume adjuster in there too – something I’ll get back to!
      The display jumping one is weird, haven’t seen that so far. If you see it again, do let me know, and what browser you are using!
      Thanks – Howard.


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