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You can find six brand-new puzzles here every day, for you to print or play online, ranging from complete beginner through to diabolical puzzles that require the most advanced techniques.

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Learn about Sudoku

Sudoku is a logical puzzle game, originally created in puzzle books and then made available in countless newspapers worldwide. Find out what makes a Sudoku and why solving them is good for you.

Follow our tutorial showing how to complete your first Sudoku puzzle.

Learn how to go from simple, easy to learn deduction techniques such as Single Position and Single Candidate through to the mind-bending X-Wings, Swordfish and Nishio techniques. If all else fails, you can guess!


We can provide packages of brand-new, never before seen Sudoku puzzles and solutions, tailored for your book, magazine or other publication. They can be all easy, all hard, or a progressing range, and all are guaranteed to be solvable without guesswork. All of our Sudoku puzzles only have a single solution, so your readers won't complain that the printed solution is wrong.

Alternatively if you need a free Sudoku puzzle to add some extra interest to your local newsletter then our Sudoku Bulletin Edition will be ideal for you.