Need Puzzles? We can help!

If you have need of more than just a puzzle or two from this site, then we can help!We’ve delivered puzzles for entire books and puzzle magazines, as well as providing batches for several one-off occasions.

What We Can Provide

  • We guarantee that the puzzles we provide for you are unique – they won’t have been used before.
  • We provide matched puzzles and corresponding solutions.
  • Our puzzles are carefully graded – not just by the number of seed clues, but by how difficult they actually are for people to solve.
  • All of our Sudoku have rotational symmetry – this makes them more pleasing to look at!
  • We hand-select puzzles that are appropriate for the task – if you need 100 puzzles ranging from beginner to diabolical, we’ll provide them with a continuous range of difficulties within each group.
  • We only select puzzles we like! If they don’t look and play “just right”, they don’t get included.
  • We can limit puzzles to guarantee including (or not including) particular techniques as requirements.
  • Even for trickier puzzles, if you need it we can guarantee that there’s a few easy steps that can be made before the going gets tough!
  • Every one of our puzzles is solvable by logical techniques only. Guessing and backtracking is not required.
  • Our puzzles each have a single unique correct solution. Beware of puzzles which have many possible solutions – which solution would you print!
  • We deliver promptly, respond to your needs, and aim to impress.
  • We can provide puzzles in a range of formats – let us know what you prefer and we’ll manage.

I only need a puzzle or two!

If you’re only running a non-profit newsletter and don’t need new puzzles very often, then we’ve got just the thing for you here with our Bulletin Edition puzzles which are available for you to use.

What next?

Need to know more? Just contact Howard or any of the team at Astraware and we’ll be able to help. Click Here for our contact details!