Free sudoku for your local publications!

Are you in the need of a free Sudoku puzzle to add some extra interest to your newsletter or leaflet ?

It’s amazing how having a puzzle available means that it gets a bit of extra interest, and gives your regular readers an extra little reason to look forward to your next delivery!

We’ve just updated our Sudoku Bulletin Edition page with new links to puzzles – these are changed every month and are available in lovely big print sizes (high DPI) so that you can embed them into your document and they will scale and print without any loss of quality. There are also the full solutions to print too – either on another page in the same newsletter or in the next issue.


Updates for easier navigation and better printing

David and I have been working on improving some of the functionality of the site – it’s now possible to navigate more easily to the daily puzzle archive pages, and select the puzzle you want to play;  You can then print just that puzzle, without having the solution right in front of you!

From there you can take a look at the solution too (a side-by-side view in case you do want to print both), or to go straight to the step-by-step guide to solving the puzzle.

We’ve added in by request the rating value for each puzzle, and also the calculated techniques that will get you to the solution – of course you’re free to use whatever techniques work for you!

Finally we’re working on making many more of the pages (particularly the daily page, and individual puzzles) much more printer friendly by removing sections that you don’t need on paper. Hug that tree!

In the future we’re hoping to have a feature on the site where you can play right in the browser too – and still have access to all the solver assistance, pencilmarks, and help from the mobile app – but that’s likely some time away!

If you have any more suggestions for the site – or if you’ve found a page that is broken, please get in touch – we do our best to make the site work as well as possible for everyone, as well as being welcoming for new users!