Sudoku Puzzle problems (July 11th) and App update woes.

We are currently receiving a lot of email and support from customers experiencing problems with the latest update to the Astraware Sudoku Of The Day app, and also some problems getting to puzzles on this site too (particularly the Archive page wasn’t showing up for some visitors)

We have had two problems which have compounded together – one is that our server suffered a problem and was unable to deliver daily games and scores, or even worse, tried to deliver a partial puzzle which is not possible to complete!

In addition our submission of the latest version (1.70.000) had a problem which didn’t show up during testing, which caused it to lose statistics and also sometimes revert back to not having any purchases unlocked – and the Restore Purchases button was then not working for many people.

1.70.001 has been submitted to Google Play (should be available by the end of Friday), Amazon (should be available by approx Monday 14th) and Apple, where we hope it will be reviewed and available by approx Tuesday 15th.

This will fix all the purchase problems, and restore purchases will work for anyone who has purchased the generator and removing ads (or unlock all). We’re very sorry but the lost statistics are gone – but the new version will at least keep the new statistics you build up.

We have given the server a swift kick in the configs and that’s up and running just fine now, delivering correct puzzles for all of our daily games again.

We’re very sorry for the problems, we know how anxious our daily puzzle players get when there’s a delay, and I promise we do our best to avoid this kind of problem and keep the puzzles flowing smoothly!

Thanks for sticking with us!

Howard and David

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