Looking for packs for your Palm Centro (or other Palm OS or Windows Mobile device)?

centroIt might be hard to believe, but “in the wild” there are still quite a few Palm Centro owners who still have working devices, and who haven’t migrated to another device. Astraware Sudoku was bundled with these devices as a built-in app back in 2007, and as a result Centro owners made up the majority of our Puzzle Of The Day accesses for several years!

Each month there are fewer and fewer of these devices left still working and accessing the site… but there are still some!  It’s quite a testament to the usability of these great little devices that they’re still popular all these years later, and to their build that they’re still functioning – especially for a device that was relatively budget at the time!

As the devices could be a little slow to generate puzzles themselves, we pre-built many hundreds of puzzles and made them available on this website – if you’re looking for those, we’ve collected them together into a single zip file, which you can access from our Sudoku Links page!

Still using your Centro? Comment here and let us know why! (Is it just because of Astraware Sudoku? If so, you’re safe to migrate to an iOS or Android device – we’ve got you covered now with an all new version!)

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