Sudoku : Bulletin Edition

Need a Sudoku for your printed local newsletter, church bulletin, charity leaflet, or some other publication?

The Bulletin Edition puzzles are those chosen each month especially for inclusion in publications that don’t happen too often! If you require puzzles for a newspaper (daily or weekly) or a compilation, you’ll need many more puzzles puzzles and probably more regularly too – see this page for more details.

These puzzles have been created with extra large images so that you can include them at a good print quality, with both a puzzle and a solution of each different difficulty. You can choose which to include – but make sure you get the right combination of puzzle and solution, or your readers won’t be happy!

Terms Of Use

You may use one or more of these puzzles in your print publication provided

  • Your publication is not-for-profit
  • You only include a maximum of one of each difficulty
  • You include the mention of “” on the page, for instance :
    (“Sudoku puzzles are provided by – visit them and get a new Sudoku every day!”)

Puzzles for January

Right click the puzzle and solution you require, and select “Save Target As” to save the picture file for each.

The images are each 1200×1200 pixels, which is perfect for a size of 4×4 inches at 300dpi. You can resize the images as you need in your layout program.

Formatting and Sudoku Tips

  • Try to make the print size at least 3×3 inches, otherwise people will likely struggle to write inside the cells! You can make the solution grid much smaller.
  • Make sure the paper you print on isn’t too shiny – otherwise its hard to write on with pencil!
  • Try to avoid putting the solution too close to the puzzle, most Sudoku players don’t like being given the answer directly!
  • Don’t overestimate your readers – just because you can solve three fiendish puzzles before breakfast doesn’t mean all of your readers can! A beginner or easy puzzle will always go down well.
  • Include some basic instructions on the page in case any of your readers haven’t played Sudoku before.
    “The aim of Sudoku is to complete the entire grid using the numbers 1-9. Each number can only be used once in each row, once in each column, and once in each of the 3×3 boxes. Visit for further tips and help about how to play – and good luck!”

Let us know!

We’d love to hear how the puzzles went down with your readership, and we’d really love it if you can send us a copy (if it’s not inappropriate to do so!) in return for providing the puzzles in a useful format!

Find out how to get in contact here!

Who uses our Sudoku Bulletin Editions?

We’re hoping to build up a list of who is including our puzzles in their publications, and link to them here. Perhaps that would be a bit of extra exposure for your group or cause, even if you might have thought it was too small, we’ll still be interested!

Contact us here and let us know how you use our puzzles!