Play Sudoku
for Thursday 24th November Fiendish

Welcome to the Sudoku Of The Day playable beta! This is a basic version of what you would see in our Sudoku Of The Day app for smartphone and tablets, which also features intelligent hints and more.

How to play

Click anywhere within the Sudoku box to start the game and see the puzzle.

Move the mouse to see the guidelines, which can help you to look for rows, columns and boxes.

Click to select a box that you want to edit; then type the value (1-9) you want to put in that box. Correct numbers are fixed in place in blue, incorrect numbers are highlighted in red for you to change.

You can use the boxes underneath to enter the values, and the boxes at the very bottom to toggle pencil marks on or off for that cell.

You can choose to fill or remove all of the pencil marks. The game will automatically remove marks for values you have entered as you go along. The game starts with pencil marks on by default.