New Printable Options for Daily Puzzles!

New today!  Our Puzzle pages now have a new pair of icons available – these take you directly to a full-sized version of the puzzle ready for printing to play offline!

The  Print icon will give you the puzzle with a blank grid, and the Pencil icon will give you the page with all of the sensible pencilmarks already filled in.

If you want absolutely all of the pencilmarks (sensible or not!) for the empty cells, so you can enjoy crossing them all out yourself, then change the “pencil=1” part of the web address to “pencil=2” which will do the trick!

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    • Howard
      Howard says:

      You can print any of the puzzles on the site. No professor here, though, sorry! If you mean the step-by-step, then yes you can print those too, but it will take many pages, so it’s much better to print out just the original puzzle and work through the steps yourself on paper, referring back to the screen when you need.


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