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Sudoku Of The Month : Bulletin Edition

Sudoku : Bulletin Edition

Need a Sudoku for your printed local newsletter, church bulletin, or some other publication? The Bulletin Edition puzzles are those chosen each month especially for inclusion in publications that don't happen too often! If you require puzzles for a newspaper (daily or weekly) or a compilation, you'll need many more puzzles puzzles and probably more regularly too - see this page for more details.

These puzzles have been created with extra large images so that you can include them at a good print quality, with both a puzzle and a solution of each different difficulty. You can choose which to include - but make sure you get the right combination of puzzle and solution, or your readers won't be happy!

Terms Of Use

You may use one or more of these puzzles in your print publication provided

Puzzles for April

Right click the puzzle and solution you require, and select "Save Target As" to save the picture file for each.

Difficulty Puzzle Image Solution Image
Beginner Beginner Puzzle Beginner Solution
Easy Easy Puzzle Easy Solution
Medium Medium Puzzle Medium Solution
Tricky Tricky Puzzle Tricky Solution
Fiendish Fiendish Puzzle Fiendish Solution
Diabolical Diabolical Puzzle Diabolical Solution

The images are each 1200x1200 pixels, which is perfect for a size of 4x4 inches at 300dpi. You can resize the images as you need in your layout program.

Formatting and Sudoku Tips

Let us know!

We'd love to hear how the puzzles went down with your readership, and we'd really love it if you can send us a copy (if it's not inappropriate to do so!) in return for providing the puzzles in a useful format!

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