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Free Sudoku Downloads

Free Sudoku Puzzle Packs

Our Sudoku Packs are free to download for registered Astraware Sudoku users.
We're providing plenty of puzzle packs so that you won't run out - each pack contains 100 puzzles.
Take your choice between a selection pack, which contains a range of difficulties, or a pack of just the level that you like to play the most!

Installing Puzzle Packs on a Palm OS® powered handheld
To install a puzzle pack onto a Palm OS® powered handheld, simply click on a link to download a puzzle pack, and save it to your desktop PC. Once downloaded, double click on the file on your desktop PC, and it will be added to the "Quick Install" tool. This will install the pack the next time you HotSync your Palm! Alternatively, if you are viewing this page from your handheld itself, simply tap on the link and the file will be downloaded straight to your Palm!

Installing Puzzle Packs on a Windows Mobile® device
To install a puzzle pack onto Windows Mobile® powered device (Pocket PC or Windows Mobile Smartphone), simply click on a link to download a puzzle pack, and save it to your desktop PC. Once downloaded, connect your Windows Mobile® handheld to your desktop PC, and click on the "Explore" button in the ActiveSync window. A Window should appear showing the "My Documents" folder of your Windows Mobile® handheld. Click and drag the file from your desktop PC into this window, and Astraware Sudoku will install the new puzzles the next time you run the game!

Beginner Puzzles: Beginner 1 Beginner 2 Beginner 3 Beginner 4 Beginner 5
Easy Puzzles: Easy 1 Easy 2 Easy 3 Easy 4 Easy 5
Medium Puzzles: Medium 1 Medium 2 Medium 3 Medium 4 Medium 5
Tricky Puzzles: Tricky 1 Tricky 2 Tricky 3 Tricky 4 Tricky 5
Fiendish Puzzles: Fiendish 1 Fiendish 2 Fiendish 3 Fiendish 4 Fiendish 5
Diabolical Puzzles: Diabolical 1 Diabolical 2 Diabolical 3 Diabolical 4 Diabolical 5
Selection Puzzles: Selection 1 Selection 2 Selection 3 Selection 4 Selection 5

Trial Game Downloads

Astraware Sudoku is free to download and try, and if you like it requires a key so that you can generate puzzles and take advantage of the free puzzle packs.

Still hungry for more?

If you've finished all of the packs in the first set, and you're still wanting more, then who are we to refuse! Take your pick from the extra set of packs below!

Beginner Puzzles: Beginner 6 Beginner 7 Beginner 8 Beginner 9 Beginner 10
Easy Puzzles: Easy 6 Easy 7 Easy 8 Easy 9 Easy 10
Medium Puzzles: Medium 6 Medium 7 Medium 8 Medium 9 Medium 10
Tricky Puzzles: Tricky 6 Tricky 7 Tricky 8 Tricky 9 Tricky 10
Fiendish Puzzles: Fiendish 6 Fiendish 7 Fiendish 8 Fiendish 9 Fiendish 10
Diabolical Puzzles: Diabolical 6 Diabolical 7 Diabolical 8 Diabolical 9 Diabolical 10