Daily Syndication

Want to have your own Daily Sudoku for your site?

Even better, want to have one that changes every day, without you having to write any complex code, and have it for free too?

Here's how your Daily Sudoku will appear on your site!

You don't have to worry about updating anything - it all works automatically!


To have this Sudoku appear on your website, copy and past the following HTML code snippet into your page code:

By including this in your website, you are agreeing to the terms of use on this page.

I need something custom for my own site...

We're providing the Standard and Mini Sudoku frames because they help to spread the word about the Sudoku Of The Day site - that's why they have the links back. We've tried to make the links not too obtrusive, but if you have a custom requirement, anything is possible - and costs depend on what you need.

We can easily provide:

  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Size
  • Custom Layout
  • Custom Text & Links (or none!)
  • Link to a Custom Solution page
  • A different puzzle (want it to be different to the SudokuOfTheDay puzzle? No problem!)
  • A Custom ranking (want every day to be easy? Want Monday to be Fiendish? No problem!)

Prices for custom Sudoku start at $50 per month, and depend on what you need - Contact Us with your requirements.

Terms Of Use

Whilst we endeavour to keep our site running in tip-top condition, if you are using our free Sudoku you must acknowledge that errors may occur, and sometimes that will mean that the IFRAME that we provide doesn't get filled. We'll do our best to avoid that though - since our site uses it too!

You may include the code as provided in as many or few of your web pages as you wish.

We can't guarantee that the syndicated puzzle will work on every browser that your site visitors may use - though we'll do our best to make things work well. If it appears broken for you, come back to this page to check if new code is required. If it is still broken, let us know!

You must also agree that you will not attempt to modify or manipulate the HTML code or the image returned, or to use either of these without the links that we provide.

We reserve the right to change the format of the link, image and layout at any time, and this may include blocking sites that have used them outside these terms, or by providing an alternative image.

We may update the terms used here at any time, and we reserve the right to withdraw the free service if it is abused or no longer remains viable for us to continue.

The puzzles created and provided are themselves the copyright of Astraware - you are free to include them on your web page or to print them out for your own use (and for your readers to do the same), however you may not use the puzzles for any other purposes (including but by no means limited to intranets, newsletters, magazines, compilations, etc), without first obtaining express written permission from Astraware.

If what we provide for free isn't what you need - then do Contact Us with your requirements.